Lawmakers may revisit issue of drivers smelling of marijuana

The Fines for Smoking in Public, Stops, and Searches law was approved during the final minutes of the 2023 session.

Board of Public Works approves purchase of Wicomico County watershed forest land

The Maryland Board of Public Works approved the Department of Natural Resources’ acquisition of nearly 20 acres of forested land in Wicomico County Wednesday for $49,000. The new plot will help maintain the water quality of the Nanticoke River watershed and preserve the habitat of species endemic to forest interiors.

Family of teen killed in police custody in 2018 awarded $200,000 settlement

Anton Black, a Black 19-year-old, died Sept. 15, 2018, after an altercation with three white police officers and one white civilian.

Board of Public Works OKs Health Department hiring to end contract positions

The Board of Public Works approved a plan from the Maryland Department of Health Wednesday to establish 144 regular positions, eliminating 180 contract positions. The plan came with criticism for the previous administration’s failure to document more than $1 billion in federal funding, jeopardizing reimbursement.

Fall deer season increases drivers’ risk of animal collisions

It was late at night in November 2021, when Carl Wagner was driving down Central Avenue in Edgewater on his way home to Harwood in his Ford F-150. Suddenly a deer leaped a guardrail and darted in front of his truck.

Maryland’s 2023 traffic fatalities may top 2007’s grim death toll

Maryland is on track to see the highest number of roadway fatalities since 2007, according to Motor Vehicle Administrator Christine Nizer, with Prince George’s County leading the state in fatal crashes.

Moore apologizes to wrongfully convicted Baltimore man

Demetrius Smith, who was wrongfully imprisoned on an erroneous murder conviction, was awarded more than $300,000 in compensation by the Board of Public Works.