Problems persist in juvenile services schooling 2 years after transfer from education department

Two years after the Maryland General Assembly transferred responsibility for incarcerated students’ education from the state Education Department to an independent school board within the Juvenile Services Department, students confined in Maryland’s secure youth facilities continue to face multiple long-standing challenges.

Moore counters political polarization with positive messaging

Gov. Wes Moore flashed his signature smile to the crowd as he pointed to people saying, “We need you,” and thanking everyone like he’d just won an Oscar. The smile and shoutouts that punctuated the October launch of his service year program have become characteristic of Moore’s optimistic style.

Trans patients face geographic, availability barriers to care, medications

Gender-affirming care is a medically necessary group of treatments, including ​​hormone therapy, alterations to voice, laser treatment and surgeries. But medical “care” also includes using the patient’s preferred pronouns and staying up-to-date on gender identities and protocols. 
While access to gender-affirming care has improved in recent years, it still varies across Maryland. From finding experienced doctors to the availability of prescribed hormones, trans care can require a lot of work on the patient’s part. 

Lead persists as problem in holiday gifts, environmental cost

Lead poisoning has hit the news recently with pollution from leaded aviation gasoline, poisoning from applesauce pouches and federal lead pipe replacement projects. But some lead poisoning threats come during the holiday gift-giving season from jewelry, toys, makeup and other gifts.

Board of Public Works approves purchase of Wicomico County watershed forest land

The Maryland Board of Public Works approved the Department of Natural Resources’ acquisition of nearly 20 acres of forested land in Wicomico County Wednesday for $49,000. The new plot will help maintain the water quality of the Nanticoke River watershed and preserve the habitat of species endemic to forest interiors.

New MCAP results show signs of recovery from pandemic learning loss in English and math while science declines

The Maryland Comprehensive Assessment Program (MCAP) tests for grades 3 to 8. The results show that student proficiency in English Language Arts has surpassed the level it was at before the pandemic. Math scores have improved, but have yet to fully rebound from the pandemic, while science scores have declined, according to the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE).

Historic Laurel Park faces shaky future

A determination will come from the Maryland Thoroughbred Racetrack Operating Authority to make recommendations on the redevelopment of Laurel Park and Pimlico racecourses – the two most prominent, historic, but aging, Thoroughbred racetracks in the state.

Montgomery County nonprofits receive aid to fight hate crimes

Montgomery County is providing $1.3 million to nonprofits and religious organizations that are at risk of experiencing hate crimes. The county says it is committed to safety in a diverse community.

Maryland Republicans pledge to ‘restore balance’ with public safety agenda

The package would increase penalties for gun theft and violent firearms offenses, authorize law enforcement to search vehicles based on the smell of cannabis alone and limit eligibility for bail or reduced sentences for those charged with or convicted of violent crimes.

‘No more deliberation, there’s no more questioning:’ Maryland leaders defend FBI relocation

Maryland politicians defend the decision to relocate the FBI Headquarters to Greenbelt. The decision received criticism and allegations of corruption from Virginia politicians and the FBI Director.